Monday, July 4, 2011

The normal thought about Job offer!

Salam and have a nice day.

Really sorry for a quite long time no updated from this "spidey" blog.
actually, i've been busy with work and this brand new life make me exhausted and tired all the time.
but then, there's still happening deep inside it. for sure, this kind of things will be very excited especially for those who just finish studying and directly got employed by a kindhearted employer.
my engineering world now expanding from the previous small class to a very big scale of it.
but today i don't want to touch about that, just want to share my opinion of being employed as a freshgrad.
first of all, being excited is a must and proud is another one things. yes! of course you should be proud of yourself once got employed right after you graduate. even, there's excellent person already got offers before they finish study. first thing that always go first once you got an offer is payment for sure. this is a very important things for almost every single person but i'm excluded since i don't really care about the payment. as long as i don't die starving, it's still ok! for me experience is the thing that will go first. then, the second must me working environment. the field of working should be the third and last but not least is the payment. that the priority of my choice in deciding a workplace. it's no use if you get a very high wages but the workplace environment is suck! my advice to all unemployed friends, please consider any offer even they're paying you even for only ckup2 makan, because there's something more previous thant money which is experience. you'll never become better without experience. with experience, you can demand what you want and the future employer will grant for it. that's the power of experience.


waalllaa! said...

i've been offered for a lecturer job in one of private was about last 2 years i think.. when the first time I arrived there for interview session.. I decided no to accept the offer coz of the environment.. the surrounding of the college is really scary me.. and due to coz they also have international students,, thats make me feel more scary.. walking area in the admin and lecturer block is dark! and so many block is not in used and they just leave it without maintenance, looks so ugly coz unused chair an table will be throw out in front of unused block..I'm scared of being raped and nobody's know where I am..haha..seriously..the environment was not comfortable.. even i've been offered with a good salary..but i refused..i don't want to take a risk..

alexa yussida said...

no wonder its been a long time not seeing u around i mean ur post :p have fun with ur job !