Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Title!

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang.
Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Dunia..
 Seriously, I’m not in the wood*mood actually* to be hardworking. I still got no reason for being this kind of lazy person. Since the new semester started, I've done nothing much for my own future’s sake, just hanging around and gagging with friend with nothing-valued things. Yes! This is my last chance to prove that I can achieve what I dreamed off for the last few years. Dammit! Really hate this sort if situation where I can’t start to work hard for my future to be brighten. I don’t even know can I end up like this, and after a very long thought, I finally found the answer. What is it? My last semester’s result! 

It’s not really an excellent achievement, but for a long journey of my study, that was the best result ever that I’ve achieved. And because of that, my mind start to think that nothing impossible if there’s luck. It’s totally wrong! In this wonderful life, there’s no such word like luck. If we’ve put enough effort in our work, someday it’ll be repaid. Remember! This life is all about giving and getting back. To be fair enough, what we give is what we’ll get back. If we give enough sacrifice, there must be success waiting for us in front. We cannot judges how much have we done for us to achieve something that we want. Sometimes, the effort that we’ve put through our sacrifice is not enough for us to achieve the target. Although we think it was enough, but it’s really not. 

What if other people easily achieve the same target? That’s because the other person might put higher energy and more sacrifice to achieve the goal. Yeah! It’s true that sometimes we thought that they’ve never done much. But, we’ve to remember. Different people have different capability. Our capability is not the same with other. This life is colourful. There’s what we called it variation. For example, there are people, there’s animal and there’s also plant. What will happen if we have the same capability? The life will be so bored and nonsense. Just imagine. If you’re a doctor, the other person will be a doctor as well. Why? Because of we have the same capability. Remember! That situation will never happen, but it’s not impossible since Allah have the power to do anything. 

What I want to stressed out here is never compare ourselves with other. We’ve being created with variety of colour, variety of language. There’s Malay, Chinese, Indian and so on. So, enjoy your life properly. Not too much since today’s laughter will be regretted later on.  Always beware of what we’re doing so that we’re never regret on our behaviour. That’s all for now. I need my time. Thank you~! *peace*


alexa yussida said...

Allah tak akan ubah nasib seorg hamba melainkan die sndiri yg berusaha utk mngubahnya..:) all the best mr.eyes!

Mr.Eye said...

btol tu. so, kita kenala berusaha untuk mengubah nasib diri kita kan.
all the best jugak buat cik alexa. ;)